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When to use being

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For example: I won't argue with you, but I think you are being unfair.

Note that cruel in the above example is an adjective describing behaviour so the progressive form is used with it. It can also be used for the same meaning without a complete clause, to give an adverbial complement: Wendy missed the train, being late. He was being very helpful on Sunday, for some veing.

Confusing words: be, being, or been? – espresso english

I hope these explanations and examples give some insight into how we use being in different ways — a lot of these ideas translate to different verbs in the present participle form. And being unfair in your example sentence, Boon and Nukoon, relates to somebody's behaviour of not being fair in whem actions, so the progressive form is preferred. Bhavin from India writes: Can you please explain how being is used with the past participle? This makes the continuous use of to be usually limited to specifically emphasising a temporary condition — often one that is unusual or surprising.

Different uses of the word ‘being’

Using a participle clause in this way is more characteristic of written English or a literary style, rather than spoken colloquial English. Being a friend of Tony Blair, I'm often invited to No Share this:.

In its most standard structure: They hired him because he was tall. The doubts which people are asking about are really the doubts of a majority.

Santhosh KP from India writes: Really, this site has helped me a lot. She was being punished for being cruel to the cat. Rather than: Because he's rather over weight, Geoffrey was unable to squeeze through. Usually, continuous beng demonstrate a process in progress i. Being rather over weight, Geoffrey was unable to squeeze through. Instead of: The local garage is servicing my car.

Being as a Gerund The gerund being is a word form that uses the -ing form as a noun. Our phone al is being blocked by something. I am tired of being taken for granted and expected to do all the housework.

Rather than: I enjoyed taking my nieces to the circus. With the verb to be, however, we usually refer to states, conditions and feelings in the simple form when we would use continuous for whej tenses. I am doubtful about using being.

To refer to a state of existence, e. In this case, being may be part of a verb phrase, an adverb or a noun. How is you're being unfair different from you're unfair?

Use being in a sentence | being sentence examples

This use is a little like existence, but generally relates it hse to an individual. Rather than: They were punishing her for being cruel to the cat.

Instead of: Since I am quite slim I was able to squeeze through the hole in the railings. This use will often be applied in similar situations to the adverbial use; the above example could also be said as Because he was tall, they hired him. Note that other passives with being, i.

I look forward to being interviewed on the current affairs programme. Being quite slim, I was able to squeeze whsn the hole in the railings.

S Boon and D Nukoon from Thailand write: Could you please explain the usage of the adjective unfair to us? Compare the following: Being French, he is passionate about wine and cheese.

How to use the word "being" correctly in english « english language & culture :: wonderhowto

So we might say: My car is being serviced. Here, it roughly means because or since, and is often connected to a subordinate clause with that, as or as ti Wendy missed the train, being that she was late.

She is being strangely quiet this morning. The cliff was being eroded by the sea. This is an interesting study of how one form of a verb can have many different uses and entirely different grammatical functions.

Confusing words: be, being, or been?

Beign loved art and believed it made up her whole being. Being in the Passive Voice Being bejng be used in the the passive continuous forms to show a process in progress as above, an incomplete or repeated activity. So can you please explain to me the different uses of being with different examples? Also, we'd like to learn why being is placed in front of unfair.

Instead of: They're installing the computers tomorrow.