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Thick round white pill no markings

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Fat - pill identifier |

The upper peak-to-peak range, which should be approximately two to ten times larger than the lower peak range value, is considered to belong to an edge resulting from damage or other improper pill spitting event. The present invention whhite usable for prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, supplements, natural medicines, and veterinary medicines.

Step may include sequencing image frames from multiple cameras positioned around an imaging chamber. Image capture device s 20 may also be passive sensors, such as thicm visible light optical range sensors that use ambient or simple flash-based illumination. The present invention can process of up to 1, individual pills in a single image or data set to facilitate high-capacity units.

What is the name of a thick round white pill with no markings - topics - medschat

The computer determines for the object a value of a length, a width, a height, an area, a position, a color, an intensity, a shape, an angle, a perimeter length, code, a substance identity, a crystal pile size, a crystal geometry, or a character identity. Software source code may be hosted by firmware, hardware, or a combination of the two. In stepknown methods are used to surround enclosed contrast shift regions.

What if my daughter was taking pills like these? In the second and subsequent iterations of modulethe shape detection and determination step sequence is preferably reversed: characters are detected first in stepfollowed by regular geometric shapes in stepand irregular shape detection in step Shelf 12 may be made of disposable or recyclable materials to facilitate U.

Drug manufacturers and pharmacies also do not have tools for examining the quality of pills and whte it has deteriorated due to shipping effects, temperature changes, aging, and manufacturing or packaging quality of medications. If none of these objects are detected, then the image frame is determined to be an empty frame and analysis of the image frame ends at step In stepnon-enclosed contrast shift regions are detected, such as a line segment.

Caa1 - pill identification and counterfeit detection method - google patents

Also detected is a first transverse segment that extends transversely between the proximal end of the first portion of first elongated segment and the distal end of the second portion of the first elongated segment. These frame, calibration, and programming objects are processed in step A surface elevation change can be due, for example, to a raised pill coating, material removed by a drill, or material pushed aside by a press-stamp. The second tolerance value is similarly fixed or adjustable by method or by the user.

Deconstructor Module [] Referring now to Fig.

Thick round white pill with no markings

The computer detects one or more additional object within the object outline, where marrkings additional object s is are a letter, aa character, a symbol, or a glyph. The value is compared with a reference value to obtain one or more drift values.

Shape Detection [] The present invention defines a shape as either a regular geometric shape e. Thus, so long as the original input rround data has not changed, step is not required to be performed when method has acquired a pre-processed image or method has sufficiently processed the image in step to provide an image vector map.

Background object 56, which re Thomson-Reuters, and copyright label 58 are examples of background objects. In comparison, using a precision value of three ificant digits would result discarding the object for failing to meet the minimum line width value of 2. In one embodiment, images having a crop grace value greater than approximately 25 are rejected for analysis.

Method can hold a virtual copy of pre-processed reference objects in memory or storage that can provide rapid comparison computations. Based on one or more drift values, for example, method calculates and reports. The method as embodied in software can run on many platforms, from a super computer to a cell phone. Access to remote or local databases enables processing and comparison of data as well as communication of newly-generated data to databases.

Round white pill with no markings on either side - topics - medschat

Data set type can indicate whether the data has been pre-processed, is 2D or 3D, and whether the data is in a format that allows faster searching and characterization. If the object contacts frame boundary at two or more locations, processing continues with special handling.

Data set beginning can include, for example, headers, content ID, source information, and date. In some embodiments, each calculation may also be subject to rounding rules that are fixed or adjustable by the user or by method based on properties of an image or data file determined in image pre-processing step Such images would appear to display one or more pills on a background, but the pills would be overwhelmed in the field of view by the excessive amount of visible background.

If the data does set does not contain at least two sides, the data is flagged as "side incomplete" in step Deconstructor module is used to detect and break down an image into basic components for further analysis. In other words, precision is limited only by the hardware and stored data set resolution used to perform the present invention. For the purposes of this specification, the word "pill" means prescription and non-prescription oral or dermal medications, medicines, nutritional supplements, vitamins, and pharmaceutical doses in the form of a tnick, pellet, gel, gel cap, capsule, patch, and other three-dimensional solid dose forms.

A label is ased to the first pill side and to the second pill side. Thus, as a further safeguard to provide reliable counterfeit pill detection, method ruond analyzes the entire image frame rather than analyzing only the drug thlck s detected within the image frame. The general rule for software bit depth, precision, and tolerance is to follow that which is available on the specific hardware host platform s.

The invention also examines images from a remote internet source, for example.

Applying one or more second tolerance values that trigger identifying a decision as a close call, method may ask the user if analysis should be conducted using one or more alternate decision .