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Ten tigers of guangdong

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Thit Kew Sam, which literally means "Iron Bridge Three", was his nickname because his arms were very powerful; his actual name was Leong Khuen. The story is a basic one, with Wang Li hiding a government wanted man, for trying to bring down the Ching, Wang Li believes that he alone cannont protect and deliver this man te mainland China and so enlists the help of many kung fu masters to execute his plan.

Ten tigers of guangdong () - mydramalist

You even got the five venom's in there for Christs sake! They were gen kick, weeping-floor kick, and organ-seeking kick. Luckily, Li Jen Chiao is able to explain the situation in time, and the two man gladly swear their allegiance.

Wong Cheng Ho was famous for his Iron Head. Plot[ edit ] The movie involves two stories concerning the original Ten Tigers and their future disciples.

He learned from Chan Fook, a monk from the southern Shaolin Monastery, and was probably the same Chan Fook who started my lineage from Uncle Righteousness. This is an advanced Shaolin art using internal force vuangdong leaves a red mark on the skin of an opponent after being struck. He is almost caught when a masked man rescues him from death and escapes with him.

He shot to fame when he defeated an international boxing champion from France. This is one hell of kf stellar cast,hong Kong! They were said to be the best fighters in southern China at the time.

Su Hut Yee, which means Beggar Su, was originally rich but squandered away his money. His was well known for his "no-shadow kicks". He was good at the tiger-claw.

Was this review helpful to you? He learned his kungfu in a Guangdong temple from a monk belonging to the Shaolin tradition. Tan Ming is temperamental and is always getting into fights, and he starts fighting with Wan Yi Ling and Su He Hu before he explains guangdonv reason for his visit.

Edit Translation English. Naturally, he was expert at the Iron Finger Art.

The fight scenes are bar none, with kicks aplenty and somersaults in every scene, highly recommended! He was a master of Hoong Ka Kungfu.