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Take a break definition

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In a less committed relationship; she takes a break with him because he's not interesting enough, or not what she expected. Couples who need time alone to figure their problems. B: For how long?

B: hmm This action is taken to allow them to be more focused and avoiding chances to be distracted with their work. In a long, committed relationship ; the couple are going through some confusion as to what they really want. They 'take the break' in hopes that after a certain amount of time apart, they will A miss each other enough to realize they really love each other and want the other person back or B realize they're better off without them. It's ten o'clock—time to take a break.

Urban dictionary: take a break

A: In a month, then we can comeback to each other to decide if we definitionn want to be together or not. See also: breaktake take a break Interrupt one's activity briefly, as in We've been working for two hours; let's take a break.

He takes a break with her because she's not hot enough or she's too clingy. Couples who are unsure of their feelings. Also found in: Wikipedia.

Sometimes they don't. Also see take five.

Definition take a break | gymglish

See also: breaktake take a break tv. People in these kind of relationships seldom get back together after taking a break.

Tell a friend about usadd a link to thisor visit the webmaster's for free fun content. I think we should take a break, so I can have some time to myself to figure it out.

In some situation, both of them may also date another person if both agrees. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

Urban dictionary: taking a break

Whether, they will miss each other or to feel emptiness without their other half. Sometimes they do get back together and really do benefit from taking a break. You've been looking after the kids all day—go take a break for a while. Be back in five minutes.

Take a break

Couples who are busy with their schedule such as outstation, living abroad or taking an exam. I'm taking a break from the law firm to try to focus on my acting career.

Link to this :. OK, everyone, let's take a break for half an hour. I don't usually take my break until I think we should consider taking a break, so I can have some time to myself to figure it out.