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Submissive slave caged girl lifestyle

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The first 4 icons were initially deed by Tanos and used in by the The Slave Register.

Adding a cage to your slave’s life - the bdsm training academy

Slavd them crawl into the cage is some of the fun and a moment to be enjoyed after all. Their natural instincts call for the cage.

Need a break from your bratty or ill behaved slave, consider cage time a more restrictive time out. This tool can be easily covered by a blanket when not in use or it can be put in a corner of a house without drawing too much attention — especially if you have a dog already. The hole represents the fact that something or someone is missing and that the person or role is incomplete.

That is if they find humiliation to be a punishment and they find these acts humiliating. What are the holes or dots in the Yin Yang shapes? My favorite Cage due to it's versatility that lives up to your creativity! Thirdly the BDSM lifestyle participant can be identified by one of three clearly identifiable groups 1 A Top A Dominant, Master or Top 2 A bottom A submissive, slave or bottom 3 A Switch A person who may be a Dominant in one relationship or role play setting and a submissive in another.

Submissivs the exact look that gets your blood pumping hardest and gives you best tirl to the holes you want! The Ownership Icons allow people in the BDSM Lifestyle to proudly sugmissive their involvement in the subculture, their status and orientation.

The collared little is spoken for and off limits to others. They are able to switch or serve in both roles So now if we look lifestule the three legs, each leg represents one of three things, but at the same time one of many things. We can think of the circle as a border that represents the oneness of its community. The Circle This is the symbol of an Owned submissive or slave.

You should also use a padlock to keep the door secure, as well as cable ties to secure any other edges which might be loosened by moving around in the cage.

Either they will learn to aid you in satisfying your gril or they will be left wanting. Let them enjoy their quiet time in peace. For these slaves the cage is an essential part of their lives. This cage will keep them in a confined area, plus you can leave the room without worrying they are going to harm themselves.

The ring surrounds the three divisions of the various three's within the BDSM lifestyle. This combination represents the shield as the owner, head of the household and the thick circle placed on the shield represents the collar, the owned submissives and slaves. A Top, a bottom or a switch.

The constituent parts of BDSM in motion. Worn by the little.

The collared submissive or slave is spoken for and off limits to others. Take this moment to just soak in all their submissive beauty.

Littles This is the symbol of an Owned little of either sex. A border of a community that understands, respects, protects and embraces its own for their lifestyle choice, whilst understanding one part is no more or less than the other. Locking a slave in a cage away from their Dominant can be a bigger teaching moment than any other punishment.

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The closed circle represents a collar. They might only need more bondage or a tougher attitude from you.

They will certainly not be bad after that punishment. They appear the same but are clearly different.

Bdsm symbols and their meanings

Remove it to satisfy their masochistic desires during training or punish a naughty pet when they are bad. It is where they feel safest, and is the one place where they can always just be who they were always meant to be. They are not dots, they are meant to represent holes. For people who identify more as pets then a submissive or slave, the connection between the cage and puppy or kitten should be obvious. They were deed to have a clear symbolism corresponding to their meaning which makes them easier to rememberbut without being obvious to vanilla by-passers in public.

With a slave who needs more confinement in their life to improve their behavior and help with their learning, a cage is a must addition to your space. Enjoy their body and holes for your most carnal of desires. Making the Cage a Punishment It never hurts to dress your slave up like a dog or some other outfit that they find humiliating when they go into the cage. One must have the other to be complete.

Bdsm cage porn videos: caged slaves getting humiliated and dominated by their masters/mistresses

Worn by the un-owned submissive or slave. The cross represents the female biology symbol.

If you stand inside of this circle, you have made a lifestyle choice and become one of the constituent parts. You might want to take pictures or make sure that you are treating them as they should be — with a bowl of water, food in a dog bowl to eat, etc. This is their place, after all. The heart cage the little soul inside.

Slave girl

If your slave has perfected their oral skills penis, vagina or anal and you need to make pleasing you more difficult, the cage is a perfect obstruction from being able to perform how they normally would. As stated above, for some the cage can be a slave suubmissive pets get away safe space. The bars might prove to be a hindrance submissiev you, but this is where the slave will learn to become a more active participant.

Perfect for training a required skill, just lock your slave in place and instruct them on how to perform to your satisfaction.