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Service oriented submissive

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Share on twitter Twitter Service gets pretty limited exposure when it comes to the majority of popular media and porn. Not at all.

Creating your own service-oriented submissive mental space

When it takes hold within you, you can channel this fantasy when you are actually scrubbing the floor and it should become quite a bit more arousing and pleasant. Dealing with questions, comments and writing people on her behalf and reporting back. While my orienyed experience does come from being a submissive who incorporates my service side into my submission, that does not mean only submissives are service orientated.

I can think of worse things to think about. The first involves chastity and denial of sexual pleasure for the submissive. So yeah, in my experience a genuine service submissive is a total unicorn. Do they force you to assume a posture while they inspect it? The first step is to create the environment and your place within it.

What is service submission and service orientation?

They can be "TPE" total power exchange relationships between a Master or Mistress and a slave, or can be more limited in their scope. Contact But I realised while having written a big chunk of text on it, I was going hopelessly off course in a direction that had very little oriejted do with the actual topic of my aubmissive subject. I am aware that being kept in chastity, with no knowledge of when I might be allowed a release is a major motivator for me to provide excellent service.

Whenever I fantasize about or express my submissive tendencies I find myself drawn to thoughts of serving and pleasing my dominant partner. Lock your ankles together or separate them with a spreader bar?

Share this:. First of all David makes the difference that within BDSM, there often seems to be a trend that focuses on being used in one way or other. For example,we all know that we need to keep the house clean and do the dishes. In fact the submissive must use careful judgement and only initiate sexual service when it is clear that the dominant desires or is in the mood for sexual service.

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You will need to craft a series of fantasies about service. This is your fantasy, feel free to go wild and come up with anything else you think would help. In order for me to care about your task dervice the fullest of my ability, you need to care about me. A contentious point is whether sexual tasks can be considered service in this sense.

For the submissive in such a relationship, the collar is seen as a status symbol ifying the approval and acknowledgement of a person they wish to serve. Fix the spot you missed? While in the paragraphs I have given plenty of examples and ideas for service oriented submission in real life, it is often the tiny little things that actually have the profound impact on the relationship.

A lot of people separate what service is based upon its motive. Are they warm? There is a oriebted range of chores, such as making sure our land is kept tidy, the rent is paid. It is equally important that the submissive never expect any sexual gratification in reward for their service. Are they harsh?

A look into service oriented submission. | on a magic carpet ride

The dominant provides the environment for the submissive to be useful to the needs of the dominant and getting the satisfaction of being useful, doing something worthwhile and making the dominant and thus by extension the whole relationship and the themselves function more effectively Again however to give a little twist to it all this is me srrvice all, you should expect thisdespite me saying that that being used is not at all the same as being useful, service oriented submission does not exclude sexual play.

A stranger? What draws us all together is the feeling of fulfillment that comes from doing something for the person receiving service, that this person requested. This could be as simple as preparing their coffee, laying out their clothes for them or performing domestic chores. Is there true altruism blah blah blah. I think there are a multitude of factors in play and your resulting action is the balancing point of submiissive factors within you.

Your goal is to associate the chore with this fantasy, so that when you think about scrubbing the floor, you picture what you just came up with. It takes the creativity of a dominant to ensure the servce faces the same challenges and goals to make them useful.

The service can be general ie where the forms of service vary according to the Dominant partner's wishes and needsor focus on specific tasks such as domestic chores. A service oriented submissive will tend to household chores and other tasks that benefit the dominant without requiring any sexual overtones or direct supervision from the dominant.

Defining service-oriented submission : servicesubmission

And there are days where I really have to motivate myself to do it. It servce only when I became aware of the concept of service oriented submission that I fully realized how my need to please another drives my need for submission. Is there someone towering over you critiquing your every move with crop in hand? If you do it for praise, it is selfish and impure. However in reality there is a lot more to Service Oriented Submission than the frivolities of play, and while perhaps more seldom or perhaps more overlooked there are submissives who orienged deeper fulfilment into being of service to their dominant then actual play.

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If you did it right, you should be able to envision a scenario that turns you on. They have been able to tap into their submission and channel subspace through service. The advice is often presented in a manner that implies that they have an inferior view of submission. That can be done by research, finding places to go to, suggestions of things to do or actual housework for which several systems can be found in Second Life.


Are you left to scrub by yourself in silence? Whenever the submissive feels a sexual urge they will express it by taking action to sexually please the dominant, but only if they are certain the dominant is in the mood for sexual play. I understand this advice on face value, but in my opinion, I think it is a half-truth. At its simplest, service-oriented submission is a form of BDSM activity focused on one partner fulfilling tasks for the benefit of another.