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Nobody has -- I have not heard anything from Reverend Al Sharpton or past supporter. I can just say in this one incident and it's something that prevalent for some reason in the church that needs to be addressed.

Sharpton calls for memorial commemorating hartford victims of violence - the register citizen

Jarvis added that those things would empower people. We had a pastor on last week from Chicago.

It's a scofflaw, yet he jarvks the one they turn to. On Saturday, the Reverend Al Sharpton ed a march and rally in Hartford, calling for peace in the wake of this violence. This report contains information from the Associated Press. Sharpton ed a march in Hartford, Connecticut, on Saturday in order to protest the killing of five young African Americans who died in the city over the past two weeks.

A minister in Hartford, Connecticut called Sharpton out at a rally for peace. Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis s us. Ezekiel 34 says warn to the shepherds who feed of my sheep, instead they should feed the sheep. pastkr

There are so many great, you know African-American leaders and pastors in these communities who are really trying to help in their communities. SUSTEREN: We'll check it out -- JARVIS: It will part of the rally, and again, my end result to all of this would be, that for all of us as pastors and clergymen as the body of Christ will sit down together as brothers and reconcile our differences and come up with sound systems to help our neighborhoods and our communities.

But once the rally and the march was ended, there was a gathering at Shiloh Baptist church and there was a offering or a demand for money, and I thought that that was hypocritical and contradictory to the cause. JARVIS: Well, we were having -- they were holding a stop the violence rally in Hartford, Connecticut and I -- I guess its invited was supposed to bring some attention to the plight in the city of Hartford.

And so I thought it was pimp at him as its best. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. What we need in the urban neighborhoods is economic development plan coming from the church, coming from the pulpit. Thank you, sir.

Black pastor to al sharpton: "you're nothing but a pimp!" - patrol - police magazine

Credited preparation, credit repair, home ownership, business entrepreneurship, these are the things that we need. And we don't necessarily need outside intervention or marches that really, are not going to produce any type of solid as to fighting crime and creating employment and jobs and a neighborhood that's rife with poverty. Al Sharpton got an earful when he mrcus up at a Hartford, Conn.

I read that you accused Reverend Sharpton of being a pimp. We need solid citizens put in place to address these issues. Has he responded? Jarvis argued that the community needs classes where people can learn about good pastoe, establish credit, own a home, create aand look for a job instead of a memorial.

Black pastor: why i called al sharpton a pimp

Your community is very lucky and I hope people are listening and to you because you have some great ideas. Jarvis was especially skeptical, since Sharpton asked that everyone contribute the money to his National Action Network.

He said that his organization would construct the memorial. According to a story published by CT News Junkienot everyone was please with Sharpton's attendence. Al Sharpton.

Is that we do have some Sharpton's and some pimps in the pulpit that want to feed off the sheep, you know. Twelve people have been killed so far since the start of -- more than twice as many as this time last year.

Sharpton calls for memorial commemorating hartford victims of violence

Javis must deal with gun violence. I can't say, you know I can't marccus he is all bad, we all have -- you know, the bible says for all has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I do know that, you know they are trying to be silenced by having me taken off the air, but the most -- the really most important issue is that we, as pastors need to come together in the community to fix our own problems.

We don't need media attention. Jun 9, One Connecticut pastor has a lot to say to Rev.

I also would like to say that Pastor Dion Watkins at Mount Olive does have programs that he has put in place to do just the mosuah things that I'm speaking of and I just mentioned that I would mention him. For the life of me, I can't figure out why President Obama has continued to work with Reverend Al Sharpton as a representative of these communities when they have -- when he has in some communities he is not been a wide member and -- well, he owes almost five million dollars according to the Mafcus York Times to the IRS.

The hartford courant - we are currently unavailable in your region

It's a question that I have asked myself as well. I think we can do better as far as representation of the African-American community and hope.

Good evening, sir.