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No other content restrictions were placed on thre; however, temporal limitations were applied, and any thread not commented on since was excluded, as data suggests that onljne is when a large increase in PIED users especially novice users attending needle and syringe programmes was detected [ 27 ]. Forum members and moderators appeared frustrated about the naivety of new users and their apparent disregard for their own personal safety.

E-psychonauts: conducting research in online drug forum communities | read by qxmd

And the forum-goers also developed elaborate dosing regimens to get through a work day relatively unscathed by withdrawal. Drugs: Education Prevention and Policy.

Much of this advice was of a harm reduction nature, for example in suggesting some post-cycle therapy or safer injecting practices. Member 2: Bro, switching onlien is good; you can build tolerance to a compound.

However, publicly available discussions have at least two conceivable flip sides. While there was a bias toward discussing the positive effects of PIED use, such as large gains in size or strength, forum members also took the opportunity to describe their negative experiences or side effects from use. Internet content regulation, public drug websites and the growth in hidden Internet services.

Legal controls on cannabimimetics: an international dilemma?

E-psychonauts: conducting research in online drug forum communities

Any benefit from self-administered treatments would need to be verified foruma tweaked by medical professionals, Chancellor said. The discussions uncovered the substance facts such as identity, origin, quality, legal status, acquisition, and pharmacology.

Acknowledgements The authors wish to acknowledge the Public Dfug Agency of Sweden, which supported the present study with unrestricted grants. The next month, the remaining Silk Road staff started Silk Road 2. The analyses suggest that online forums are a reliable source for estimation of demographic associations and early identification of emerging drugs, but a less reliable source for measurement of long-term temporal trends.

The aim of drgu study was to explore and characterise discussions regarding PIED-related harm on dedicated online forums. Three discussion forums were included in this study: aussiegymjunkies. The fifth step involved categorising the codes into themes.

Toxicol Lett. Indeed, the forums can also be a relatively judgement-free place for users to turn to when looking to quit drugs.

Despite the upsides for some people who want to quit opioids, the dark net still poses problems both for law enforcement and users. According to Walsh, after Operation Bayonet in — an international law enforcement effort which closed two large markets called AlphaBay and Hansa Market — there was a noticeable decline in customers buying drugs from the corums net.

This alternative discourse was not revealed by the present study. Furthermore, if the first users of an unknown NPS experienced it as safe and reliable, it was reported in the thread as well. You should have done bloods earlier, but if your E2 is not excessively elevated there's no reason to take an AI prior to PCT now.

Member 2: I agree this stack put me in some dark places. Le Blanc was no exception. In short, yes low thyroid function hypothyroidism is associated with lower testosterone fogums elevated thyroid function hyperthyroidism with increased testosterone — See these articles to why [user lists four articles from the scientific literature] Discussion The aim of this study was to explore and characterise discussions regarding PIED-related harm on dedicated online forums.

There, Caudevilla answered public questions before the market, too, was closed down in by a t FBI-Europol operation called Operation Onymous. Past research has demonstrated the importance these networks play in the supply of PIEDS [ 7fforums9 ], the distribution of injecting equipment [ 1011 ], and the sharing of advice and information about use [ 121314 ].

Bluelight (web forum)

The Challenge of New Psychoactive Substances. Drug Alcohol Rev.

Furthermore, the discussions were characterized as a support system where different types of individual concerns were responded to with advice, practical tricks, and knowledge in order to prevent and minimize harm. An analysis of the forum posts and responses showed that forum members wanted to take a more active role in monitoring their health and understanding the risks of using AAS and other PIEDs.

For established drugs eg, cannabisificant correlations were found across demographic groups between drugs-forum.

Researchers and addicts alike turn to online forums to tackle drug abuse

Compound tolerance? Patients may travel hours each day for medication. He read post after post — innumerable lines of text and images about the substances he was ofrums, how to take them safely, and how to quit. Evidence has shown EQ to be effective at less than half your dose.

Bluelight (web forum) - wikipedia

Both authors reviewed and approved the final manuscript. In addition to being a platform from which people can seek information, it allows for the sharing of personalised s through online forums [ 3 ]. In addition, different vendors were evaluated for their customer service and quality of product, indicating the awareness of safe drug use. Even though the risk of increased substance use exists, evidence [ 32 ] indicates that exposure to drug information does not have counterproductive effects.

Read the original article. Also, users were talking about perceptual and sensory alterations. Discussion This study has explored and characterized the discussions about NPS on international Internet forums. Within this theme are examples of members sharing personal experience, information, tips, and knowledge to other, often more novice, members. In many of these comments, forum members guided other members in ways onnline prevent or minimise harm related either to the dose or course or to the side effects.

As a teenager, Le Blanc came across Bluelight. But police are simultaneously trying to close down the forums, which has made the people who post there wary. Self-reports of firsthand experienced effects were very common and constituted the most prevalent theme.

This article was originally published on Undark.