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Nude male bonding I Am Wants Sexy Dating

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Nude male bonding

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Maybe have you dressed up in your great for old dad. W4m Guess what.

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Finally, when I was 14, my mom and I moved to Texas following nhde parents' divorce and I never saw Phil again, but those six years from 9 thru 14 years old were, for me, glorious years of nude bonding and memories I always cherish. Thereafter, when I stayed with Phil, we always went nude in the evenings and I knew then that a life as a nudist was right up my alley.

I knew I had to get to know him. bondinh

Anyway, he told me that I was welcomed to go naked in the house and backyard anytime we were in for the night and I told him I would if he would, so we spit in the palms of our hands and shook on it a time-honored way guys used to seal a contract in the south back then. Nothing they did could keep me from having my feet and chest bare, so they finally accepted and tolerated it.

His dick got uncontrollably hard, so now his club brothers are tugging his heavy manly balls and giving him the treatment that every man must go through if he is to become the full member of their team. I came from a family that wrote the book on being conservative.

This led to a little small talk here and there and, finally, one day he invited me to sit and talk with him while having a Coke. As Phil and I got closer and closer, he became like the bondding I never had and, in some ways, like a second father. Well, then I came along and broke the "conservative mold" in my family. I went barefoot all the time, had my shirt off every moment I could and got caught streaking through the house naked several times as a toddler.

Naked amateur guys: male bonding in the locker room!

When the evening paper boy would toss the newspaper, I made sure to be near so I could hop off my bike, grab bondung paper, and take it up to him while he was seated on his porch. The first time I saw Phil naked was an event for me. If you own the copyright on a particular photo or video, me at nakedamateurguys gmail. Earlier in the thread, I related to a post by Wolverine about the way he and his sports buds bonded and related a similar experience of my own, but I never got around to telling my "first" nude bonding experience.

What was your first nude male bonding experience? - page 4

Then the ice finally broke for bobding one evening. I was a walking hormone back then and masturbation was a subject I was never tired boding talking about and Phil, always patient, talked with me about it as much as I wanted which was damn near all the time and he taught me so very many things about it that I have always cherished and valued. LOL When I was 9 years old, a very nice guy, Phil, who was in his early thirties, moved into the neighborhood three doors down from us.

It wasn't long before Phil, finding out that mude and dad liked to go out evenings and sometimes go out of town for a weekend, offered to keep me whenever they needed a babysitter; and dad, who liked Phil a lot by then, accepted. I often wonder about Phil They called me their little exhibitionist. Bare feet or sock feet was about as close as anyone in my family came to dressing down.

Phil said it's why he bought the house. Whenever I think about him, I always hope he's out there somewhere, healthy and well, and boncing the nudist lifestyle he loved so much. Boys will be boys, I guess! When he came home from work, though, he'd step out of his car already barefoot, his suit coat off, his tie removed and his shirt unbuttoned down to the navel revealing his wealth of chest hair; he'd walk into his house carrying the items he'd taken off for his drive home from work.

Likewise, he'd do the same if I was in the tub.

Then Phil took his and stayed naked, too. Even before I met him, I'd observe this behavior and it made me feel connected to him in some fashion.

Phil said he loved going naked, too, and did it all the time in the house and backyard. So, it wasn't unusual to find me staying over at Phil's house at least two weekends a month. At a beach or pool you might see one of the guys in my family shirtless, but even in those environments most of the guys in our family my dad, uncles and cousins still wore tee shirts and shorts or jeans swimming in a tee shirt that's just wrong.

My parents finally got me trained to keep my pants on, but they eventually threw in the towel trying to keep me in shirts or shoes. I could talk to Phil about any and everything and cover stuff I could never talk or open up to dad about. Anyway, one evening while we sat on his back bondiny in our undies I was almost 11 by thenI nudf how nice the trees were and how I liked the privacy.

About Me. For instance, the candidate has to strip naked and start feeling comfortable around other dudes, in the locker room, showers etc.

I remember wanting to strip right then, but it was late and Phil was urging us to bed. I'd ride my bicycle by his place and wave, then he'd smile and wave back.

Knowing that Phil liked being naked, too, was a bonding experience in itself. After close to half an hour, probably the time he took for a bath or shower, he'd appear with his newspaper and coffee on his front porch wearing only a pair of shorts or jeans, feet and chest bare, and reign over his property in somewhat bare masculine majesty.

Namely, every club member is required to go bondingg a specific initiation ritual. I'd like to share that now, but I'd like to first set the tone for my story and be detailed. I'd been used to seeing the other boys at school in the gym and showers following Physical Education class, but I'd never seen an adult male nude until Phil.

Male bonding2

In the mornings nudd see him leave for work resplendent in an immaculate suit, the perfect picture of an early s businessman. Please note that all images and videos on this site reflect persons who are at least 18 years or older. This post was edited. I claim no credit for the pictures or videos posted on this blog. You mmale be 18 years of age and have the legal right to possess adult material in your community.

I got my bath first and when I got out and dried, I stayed naked. The material appearing in this blog was all found on the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. The following evening which was a Saturdayas we got ready for our evening baths, Phil said we might as nudw go naked if I was still interested in it.

Male bonding on tumblr

We went out on the back porch to sit and talk, as usual, and it was so liberating for the two of us to sit there naked like that. He said he loved the fact that he could go around the backyard naked if he wanted to and I, mmale comfortable with Phil, blurted out that I wished I could do that, too. Phil grinned and asked me if I liked being naked and I said I sure did, more than anything.

No subject was either too stupid or too taboo for discussion. But, Phil I was always welcome, if I needed to take a piss, to go in and use the bathroom even if he was in the tub bathing. Soon, I was at his house on a daily basis.