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Nissan altima 2013 problems

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Transmission Failure 57 complaints at an average of 58, miles in the Nissan Altima. Katrina A on July 16, Helpful Nissan mom of 2 kids review.

It also does not drive as smoothly as my vehicle. Still, I feel like I can't trust this car or the repairs done to it, so I am going to trade it in for something else, not made by Nissan. Other than that it's a great car, drives smoothly, easy to handle, I like the reverse camera. According to CarComplaints. Trunk is huge with spare under carpet.

What altima year is most reliable?

And this important data includes models dating back to Sometimes my air control screen will not appear so I think something with the screen technology is starting to mess up. Vehicle Problems Find out what cars to avoidview the latest problem trendsor keep up-to-date with the most recently reported problems. It also handles well, and just has poblems very finished look to it.

What Altima Year is Most Reliable? Justin H on July 16, Helpful I love it!

This is the worst nissan altima model year you should avoid at all costs

This issue and the way it was handled by Nissan has confirmed for me that I will never buy Nissan again. The Nissan Altima receives 78 complaints as well, but may still be under warranty for used buyers. Good mpg for long distance driving and high mileage use.

I will never purchase another car without it. Most of the complaints for this year were about transmission and steering problems.

No bumping and there is a lot of space in the inside of the car as well as the trunk. I feel it is very comfortable, but to be honest my husband thinks seat could be wider, but he does like the heated seats Margaret E on July 22, 1 person found this helpful Helpful This model has 'seats inspired by NASA'.

Find out more about our advertising oroblems. It a very comfortable ride no matter how long you are sitting there. I had to make a huge stink out of this issue, in order to get Nissan Corporate to take the problem seriously and assume most of the cost of repairs.

Because mine started acting up right after the 36, mile transmission warranty and they said I had to replace the transmission luckily I bought my car through Carmax who has an excellent warranty and they took the car I told him what I thought about the alternator they looked into and presto so I drop my car at Carmax the mechanic there drove it to a Nissan dealership told him to put a new alternator in doing great ever since don't let Nissan tell you it's not the alternator they just simply want to say it's the transmission because chances are most of you are outside the 36, mile warranty and what they'll do is put a new transmission in and it will run better for a little bit but that alternator will chew the transmission apart again this is my third post about this I posted every few days to keep her on the top of the review list hoping to help people good luck guys.

Excellent for commuting. The hood flew open while driving one day after recall issued.

I know this defect in the car was prevalent throughout many other of the same models so if alltima want a Nissan don't get this one, get a different model. I really have learned to rely on the backup camera. Nissan fixed and provided rental, but I will not be buying a Nissan again. There seems to be a lot of interior room and you don't feel squished.

Put in new alternator and its driven like a dream ever since. Advertise Advertising on CarComplaints. What are the most common complaints about used Nissan Altimas? Still kind altia annoying though.

Nissan altima reliability - consumer reports

Body of the car looks nice and modern. The speakers are not the greatest.

Great gas mileage. The models have only gathered a low total of 15 owner complaints. Think about it people, with the car shutting off you have to remember transmission will not affect your car starting the problem is the alternator.

Nissan altima problems - nissan problems

I really love my car. Usually get about miles per gallon on highway 2031 about 25 miles per gallon in town. The front seats also recline. Very reliability. Spacious, dependable, great gas mileage.

I am very pleased with my vehicle and would most definitely buy another. Love how they sent reminders when maintenance is needed. Rides smooth, top window.

Many recalls, one for latch on hood. Not great for hauling cargo but excellent for passengers and commuting.

This is the worst nissan altima model year you should avoid at all costs

Handles well, the transmission could use some upgrades though. Mike P on July 16, Helpful Love my vehicle. I have had the repaired version of my car now for only a few days nssan it seems to be running without any re-occurrences of the CVT problems.