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Memantine erowid

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If you'd like to talk and get to know each other more email me for my number and pic (my has trouble uploading pics). I'm waiting for friendship, and hopefully finding a long term relationship. Everywhere I look, these scrawny, malnourished little girls -and I choose that word deliberately because they don't look like full-grown women -are presented as the ultimate standard of woman perfection. Wanted : close girl-friend lol m4w So I used to have a girl-friend woman who is a friend, to hang out with, watch movies, flirt, go out to eat, drive around, text, make fun of each other, get ass drunk and sing, and just did whatever. I like to ride my motorcycle, play world of warcraft, and listen to music.

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Emmantine Year: For example, if it was crucial that one should drive a car or perform other obligations hours into the experience, I would not want anyone else to be unknowingly forced into such a situation. It's a NMDA antagonist, which is like ketamine; but whether if it has any recreational value, you'll decide.

For five to six hours, I noticed similarities to both ketamine and methylone. I light up a cigarette, like after most meals, and notice the slow whisps of smoke dancing around my hand, this is when I remembered about the Memantine, about 2 hours after taking the erowkd. I egowid begun unpacking my bags and cleaning up the house in preparation for the inevitably prolonged and arduous journey that high doses of Memantine always present, before carefully weighing and capping my dose: mg of fluffy, crystal white, powdered Memantine HCl.

First, the vast majority of this substance commonly available is in a pre-packaged pill form that likely contains binders or other impurities which you would not want to inject into your body. Over the course of these 3 hours, I have had feelings of hot and cold in my extremities, hot chills and cold chills just like heroine - morphine, weirded out feelings, skipping or forgetting a word or two in conversation, expecting a clear memory but instead a little bit of increase and some mental memantime.

Memantine - erowid exp - 'being disconnected from reality'

I turn off the lights and only let the faint glow of the half-moon from the window illuminate my room. Other than the fact they are both NMDA-antagonists, similarities would be that they share the same type of body ature, driving energy, and create an inability to sleep. A lot. That way, memantine is eliminated times faster. The Entheogen Review. Seeing as how we might not have the opportunity to explore this molecule together again for some meemantine against my intuition and better judgement-we re-dosed four times over the course of the next seven or eight hours, at levels ranging from 50 to mg taken by intramuscular injection.

In the interest of harm reduction, I feel compelled to etowid this report.

Memantine tends to be just stimulating enough to keep me awake mekantine most of the peak, and wears off just enough that the visuals can still be present as I'm falling asleep. There are some potentially serious complications memantin could occur when experimenting with high doses of memantine. That would be the last one I 'll see. I'd also like to add that I tried insufflating a 10 mg line at one point during one of my original experiments.

Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.

Memantine - erowid exp - 'really clean disassociation'

For a few hours, I am talkative and energetic to the point that falling asleep would be very difficult. It may be possible for some people to reasonably predict the actions of unknown chemicals with a bit of foresight, but the ability to do this is unfortunately not one that I possess. I have also discovered that there are some potential dangers involved when experimenting with this chemical. The walls of this well I was looking down had become red tendrils, crawling over each other to get out.

Memantine - erowid exp - 'alzheimer medicine high'

I can function with a litlle difficulty in the society now, I shouldn't drive or cycle though, and It seems to go on for at eroowid hours. I have found that mg taken orally is an acceptable dose for a pleasant evening, waiting one to three hours for the full effects to manifest. I sincerely hope this report helps someone else avoid a potentially hazardous situation in the future, and I share this information only because I feel it is inevitable that it will soon mekantine noticed that memantine has potential recreational value.

Mematnine release - Swallowed 5x10 mg pills with redbull. Reality snapped back in around me and the orange dot was just the light on the charger for my laptop. Although Memantine causes a diminished response to nicotine, I still find the habit of smoking incredible when on my journey, it can pull apart my sense of balance and this in this particular instance, the world began spinning around me and I had no mrmantine but to just sit there and watch it tear apart into a dark, structureless space.

Exp Year: The overall experience from a single administration could be considered rather subtle by some standards, and one might feel compelled to take multiple doses.

It is a very slow, gradual come-up and it is often difficult for me to place exactly where the experience begins and me,antine. At this point I find darkness to let visuals take hold much more, almost as if letting my minds imagination of what could be there much more real than my distorted perception of what actually is there.

Memantine is not a good recreational drug because at doses high enough to be interesting, it will incapacitate me for an unreasonable amount of time. Taking large doses daily is probably a bad idea.

Additionally, it does not seem that this chemical is readily soluble in water. After long periods of laying in the dark my eyes become very adjusted to seeing very low amounts of light, and at one point after sitting up to stretch I noticed a tiny orange light in the corner of my room, I just sat there staring at it trying to work out what it possibly could have been for longer than I care to admit. I feel pretty irresponsible at this point in time. This le me to believe that single doses via oral administration may prove to be the best way to experience this substance.

In low doses, I find memantine to aid with feelings of depression, fatigue, and neuropathic pain.

I get up to go pee, stumbling with no sense mmemantine balance and eventually go back to sleep for several hours. If you are taking a large dose it will take some time until it hits you, memqntine the effect is prolonged, because it remains in the body for a very long time the half-life is 60 to 80 hours. One of my first single-dose experiences was at this level, and I noticed very few lingering effects 24 hours later. Winter Solstice ;12 4 The long half-life also means that consecutive-day dosing can really increase blood levels.

With long h half life of memantine, that would make a mg dose cumulative.

This is somewhere in the vicinity of my 20th high dose Memantine trip, so it's nothing out of the ordinary, but I don't think Memmantine used to it yet. Second, there is a definite stinging sensation present when injecting memantine intramuscularly. I started to feel 'High' at but thats the definite point.

Exp Year: The effect persists at full strength for about hours and then begins slowly tapering off. Try to acidify your urine.

Go Vegan. Exp Year: To really set myself up for a relaxing come-up I put on Pink Floyd's Wish you were here album, queuing up a few hours worth of psych rock, alt-electro and anything else I could find that helped guide my self-reflecting, calm mindset I was entering. Memantine tends to come in waves, so these minute windows of mild sobriety are opportunities for me to go to the bathroom and get water to stay hydrated.

Being disconnected from reality for a solid 12 hours is not something you grow accustomed to easily.