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All goes giod without a hitch until Keith trips over a photographer's foot and tears a knee ligament, jeopardizing his contract with the Chicago Bears. But J.

Onlline fact, he has brought one of Emily's instead. But Florida refuses to accept them after she learns how he makes his money. Episode 4 - The Evans Get Involved 4 October 5th, Bookman pretends to be Willona's husband when a social worker pays a visit to her home to see if she would be fit to become Penny's new mother. Episode 9 - Bye, Bye, Bookman November 16th, The Evans try to scare Onlkne into doing his job and making the repairs they need, by writing a petition to have him fired.

S1:E2 Feb 15, gokd Money woes may result in eviction for the Evans clan. Episode 22 - Willona's New Job March 20th, Willona's old boyfriend is back and wanting her to marry him and quit her job, just after she received a great, new promotion.

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Little do they know that Keith has become an alcoholic. Episode 5 - Thelma Moves Out October 12th, Goov believes the apartment is too crowded and wants to move into a dorm room with some other students. Episode 8 - Michael's Decision Episode 7 - J. Episode 3 - The Evans Get Involved 3 September 28th, Penny's mother abandons her with Willona, who makes a life altering decision for them all.

Good times s1 e01 - video dailymotion

She meets her new son-in-law to-be, well, at least he will be as long as Thelma can get past her pre-wedding jitters. Episode 19 - J. Episode 16 - Blood Will Tell Episode 15 - Florida's Favorite Passenger 2 May 30th, Larry, with a hearing problem, nearly loses his life when he almost walks into a broken elevator shaft. S1:E4 Mar 1, 26m A remark in class gets Michael suspended from school. Episode 13 - House Hunting January 3rd, The Evans family have found a house they'd like to move into.

Season 5 24 full episodes Episode 24 - That's Entertainment, Evans Style April 3rd, The gang put on a show in order to raise money for a new day care center. Now he seems to have created himself an ulcer. Episode 22 - The Evans' Dilemma September 18th, Keith has been looking for a job for awhile now, and seems aloof when asked how his day has been. S1:E1 Feb 8, frre J. Episode 11 - The Snow Storm December 13th, Florida brings the kids from her school bus into an abandoned building after the bus becomes stuck in a snow storm.

S1:E8 Mar 29, 26m Michael's protest letters could get the family evicted. And it's J.

Godo tries to convince her how much she is needed in the ghetto, since none of them can afford to go to a hospital. But between the costs of gas and repairs, and the arguing over who will be driving it each day, the car just may break up a lifelong friendship. So Sweet Daddy pressures J.

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Episode 9 - J. But after his check up at the hospital, he reveals he is running away from home, feeling his mother doesn't care for him enough to know he had a hearing problem. Episode 12 - Penny's Christmas Episode 11 - Requiem for a Wino December 14th, A thief has tims the wallet of Fishbone, a local wino, and then gets killed. But for some reason his mother refuses to believe her son has any problems. June 20th, J.

Episode 19 - The Physical Episode 18 - J. He has made a friend in a sexy-speaking girl who shocks Michael when he finds out that she is a paraplegic. Knowing this, Penny runs away from home.

Season 6 24 full episodes Episode 24 - Cousin Raymond January 30th, The Evans home frse a visit from Florida's nephew, Raymond, and hands out gifts for everyone. June 13th, While Penny is left in Florida's care, she onlnie down with an illness and is brought to the free clinic to be examined. Episode 14 - Florida's Favorite Passenger 1 May 23rd, Florida takes a young male passenger under her wing when she discovers he has a hearing problem.

Good times s1 e12 - video dailymotion

Episode 15 - J. S1:E13 May 10, 26m Photos. Episode 20 - A Matter of Mothers July 18th, Willona's newest boyfriend, Jeffery has been lavishing gifts on both Penny and herself. Episode 21 - Something Old, Something New March 13th, The kids are trying to convince grandpa Evans to finally marry his sweetheart.

Bookman catches Nathan in his underwear inside of Willona's apartment, as she was fixing his pants for him and believes that the two are having an affair. Episode 18 - The Boarder February 6th, The Evans family decide they can take in a boarder in order to raise some extra money. Episode 12 - The Traveling Christmas December 20th, Keith's boss at the cab company refuses to let him have Christmas day off. But now with Penny in her life, she would need a more stable home than this would provide.

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Right January 11th, An old flame of WIllona's comes to ask for her hand in marriage, along with trips all over the world. But when it wins first place, will J. Goov decides he wants to move away and live in a doom, and the biggest surprise of all awaits Thelma, who announces she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Bookman has a new female assistant name T.