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Daddy teach me about sex I Am Looking Teen Sex

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Daddy teach me about sex

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Car fun Just looking for a female (stop emailing me guys, not interested), to have some car fun, park somewhere chit chat, hook tsach, etc etc. No Studs. And wow was there alot of eye contact between us. Loves SWM ONLY.

Age: 46
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He told me to close my eyes and then I felt his lips press gently against mine.

Several minutes went by before I realized his fingertips were almost at the crotch of my baby doll nylon panties. I aabout able to milk a couple more drops of his precious sperm into his hand. One, two and then a third burst of daddy cum filled my mouth. I was always quite short for my age and this was tezch time I was glad that I was. Daddy would then slip my panties down to my knees and start playing with my cunny. Daddy was very clever and we had a couple of emergency plans in the event my mom ever came home unexpectedly.

As our tongues met his hand moved a little higher and the tip of his finger came to rest on my panty crotch. When we were alone in his room I would teahc him and sometimes he would reach under my skirt and rub my pussy.

Teach me sex daddy my dad has always told me that keeping myself

He told me to wrap my panties around his cock and to jerk him off. I would stand beside daddy and lift the hem of my dress up to my waist.

I was really pleased with myself. I could feel his thingy pushing up against my bottom. Cotton panties and cotton undershirts. Daddy then changed the channel to an xxx movie and we watched a porn flick that showed several couples all fucking, sucking and swallowing cum, etc. The two of them came into the room and with the lights still on, started kissing and making out.

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The romance progressed quickly and mr months after they had met they were married. After daddy made me again promise never to tell a soul, he said that the next time mommy was out for the evening we could play our special games again and that he would do other things that would make me feel even nicer. Lots of times we would just feel each other up. My mom and dad got divorced when I was very young and he raised me and my older sister pretty much by himself.

Then he said, "why don't you put on those cute little baby doll pajamas. I lifted my bum and daddy hooked his fingers into the waistband of my panties and pulled them down my legs and off completely.

I could feel my little nipples start to stiffen and I could feel wetness between my legs. The guy in the movie was licking and kissing them and the site of it kinda made me squirm a bit but daddy put his arm around me and asked me if the movie was a little too much for me to see since I was so young.

Daddy didn't disappoint me. I think of him sometimes when I masturbate. I could reach down and touch the head of his cock each time he thrust forward. It was radiating heat and I could feel it throbbing.

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I began to think that maybe it was just a very vivid dream and that daddy hadn't really done those things to me. He then put his cock between my legs. It felt strange but good and while he did that, his fingers were rubbing my clit! I said okay, because I didn't want to spoil it. I didn't know what was going on but I learned much later that he was fucking his year-old secretary.

I reached into his lap, pulled down his zipper, reached inside and pulled out his hard cock. That was the most fun car ride of my life.

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Daddy was in heaven as I stroked him and when he came he shot a bigger load of his special cream than ever before. I loved the feeling of running my tongue over the velvety skin of the head.

I had never seen anything like that before and it made me horny as hell! I then tried to do what the women in the video had done.

Shortly thereafter her mood brightened abbout she was like her old self. I moved my head up to Daddy's and gave him a deep French kiss. I did it and daddy started jerking off, just above my face and she shot a huge load of cum in my mouth!

Teach me sex daddy my dad has always told me that keeping myself @

I had never felt so excited in my life and I knew I loved my daddy and he loved me in a very special way. If I had jeans on it was not as convenient but we were still able to play our games. He saw my disappointment and said," I won't fuck you honey but tomorrow I will show you something that is almost as nice. I could hardly geach how grown up I looked. I freaked out and turned red but told him I didn't know what he was talking about.

After the third shot I knew what to do next. The next few time we were alone we always ended up with daddy fingering my cunny while I jerked him off. He took all my clothes off and had me lay on the bed. They finished up, got dressed and went back downstairs. This, of course, delighted Daddy. The next day daddy went out shopping by himself.