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Brown out urban dictionary

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Or Simply die of embarrASSment. In the Philippines, as it happens, they call a blackout a brownout.

Urban dictionary: brown out

The victim may temporarily develop a minor form of amnesia due to an unstable peak in anal pressure and release known as Anal Fragmentation. Aeronautics has its own use of the term brown out. During World War II, cities would conduct blackouts and brownouts to reduce the rise of air attacks. I'm sorry Gram Gram. If left unattended the victim will experience long-term anal leakage and probable death due to serious infection and inability to withhold from defecation.

InPopular Mechanics saw them as an ongoing problem due to overuse and undersupply of electricity, recommending home owners get their own generators to avoid utilities having to conduct brownouts. It can be used of the electrical and alcohol or drug senses. An electrical blackout, among other senses of the word, is recorded inthe same year we find blackout for a loss of memory, as due to alcohol or drugs.

Brownout | definition of brownout at

Words related to brownout. Susie had mentioned her condition in regards to ethnic foods, and to Gram Gram's demise-- I ignored it.

Anal Fragmentation leaves the victim with little memory of said movement prior to losing consciousness. I invited the new girl from work out to family dinner on Sunday.

Susie and Gram Gram are still in the hospital due to the browning out incident and cannot recall anything after the appetizers. This is informally known as the process of blowing out ones sphincter.

Note This content is not meant to be a formal definition of this term. A brownout is the instance of browning out, a verb form of the term. Eddie Leonski, a U. Browning Out The resulting comatose state induced by a sudden, intense, and in most cases involuntary bowel movement. This draws on another blackout, a temporary urbam of sight that can happen at high accelerations while flying.

Brownout | meaning in the cambridge english dictionary

It refers to the vision reduction caused by the dust or sand. An electrical brownout is found as early as in Australia for a partial blackout i. A bgown is like a blackoutjust not as bad. In a brownout, electric devices might still work, but be dimmer, slower, or generally less powerful.

How is brownout used in real life? The alcohol and drug-related brownout appears to originate from the community of consumers, not health professionals.

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Where an electrical blackout means a loss of electricity, a brownout is brwon reduction in power. Some hazy memories remain, with neither a full and coherent recollection of the night nor a complete loss of it. With no lights or dimmed lights on the ground, it would be harder for attacking forces to see potential targets.

Electrical brownouts still occur, when electrical power fails to meet electrical demand. The end of the war curtailed intentional brownouts and blackouts, but unintentional ones continued.

Where does brownout come from? The aftermath of a case of "Browning Out", provided the victims anus is still within repair, often calls for the prompt administration of medical and psychological aid. The date was going well until Susie's bowels exploded on Gram Gram.

If someone browns out they have some memories, but only hazy or patchy ones.